Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Made It: Vintage Lace Earrings

YOU GUYS. I love these so much, and they're so easy! I collect old lace every time I see it at thrift stores and my stash is starting to spill over the sides of my lace bag. It was time to find a fun way to use all my scraps. You can make them too, just by following this simple tutorial.

Here's what you need:

Mod Podge
Scraps of lace
Wax Paper
Paint brush
Earring backs

Lay the lace out on a piece of wax paper and begin painting over it with Mod Podge.

Continue painting the other pieces of lace with Mod Podge until you have covered everything you want to use for your earrings.

After the Mod Podge is tacky (about 20 minutes) transfer the lace to a new sheet of wax paper. This way the holes are not completely covered over with glue. Let dry completely. Overnight is good.

Peel the dried pieces of lace off the wax paper.

Cut the lace into the shapes you want to make into earrings and add earring backs by opening the loop at the bottom of the earring back with the pliers and slipping it through a hole in the lace. If the holes are covered over with glue, use a pin or pen point to push through and then add the earring back.

And there you go! Beautiful lace earrings!



  1. These are beautiful... and so creative! Thanks for sharing - now I just need to get some lace :)

  2. I saw your DIY for stocking stuffers on collegefashion. I hoped that you had a blog where I could find more of your DIY, so I'm very excited to see that you do have one! I never would have thought to make earrings out of lace. They look beautiful and seem simple to make.


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