Wednesday, August 28, 2013

sparkling wednesday

Today's post is about taking a break. Taking a moment in the middle of your week to say "okay... here's what I need right now." Today I needed some freaking chocolate covered pomegranate seeds. So when I gave myself a break around 2pm today I made sure that they happened. 

I am teaming up with Ozarka® Sparkling Waters to help you relax this Wednesday, so how do you like to treat yourself during the week? Do you have a midweek ritual that helps you make it to the weekend?

Every hump day Ozarka® is sharing some of their favorite ways to feel good and escape the midweek hump.  Head over to their Facebook page every #HumpDay to have a feel good moment and share your own!

Happy Hump Day!

This post is sponsored by Ozarka® Brand Sparkling Natural Spring Waters.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

center of the universe

In July I had the pleasure of being a vendor at the first ever Center of the Universe Festival here in Tulsa. It was hot, hot, hot, but I decide to go to let people know about my shop grand opening. I handed out almost 1000 grand opening flyers and got heat sickness, re-sprained my ankle, and battled a thunderstorm with my products made out of - that's right - paper. 

But you know what? At least 50 people who went through my shop this week met me there. They have told their friends, and my network of supporters has grown and grown thanks to that two days of sacrifice. So that's what I'm reflecting on today as I wear my commemorative COU tank top - with a little bit of hard work and sacrifice up front you never know what might come to be.

Friday, August 23, 2013

flock of seagulls

This dress reminds me of Chandler's wonderful 80's hair in the flashback episodes of Friends (which were always my favorite). I saw a trend report recently that told everyone to throw out their bird prints and embrace "non-floral, natural prints," which I clearly listened to. Not really.

Truth is that this is the FIRST bird print thing I have ever owned and I just got it, so I'm not about to let it go that easily. Those lists are stupid anyway; who wants to sheepishly follow all fashion trends? Except for the bird print one. That one's okay because I like it.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

be a little brave

Today I rode my bike to work, and for me, that's brave.

I only live about 15 blocks from my shop, but I was wearing a dress (with shorts underneath! Always!) and carrying a super heavy backpack, so the 15 blocks were plenty long. When I made it to work I felt like I have really accomplished something.

Then later on this morning a sweet girl came in to the shop to buy her sister a present. This sister, she told me, was constantly trying to conquer her fears and she did that by repeatedly skydiving, despite the fact she hates both heights and falling. When the girl checked out she had finally decided to get her sister a set of three charms that featured Thor and the two words: Jump now. 

Fitting, right?

So what's that little thing that needs some bravery to conquer? Whether it's biking to work or sky diving, showing off some white Irish legs or facing an upcoming presentation, be a little brave and jump now. Conquering fear is always worth it.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

fake first day

Today is my first regular day at the shop and it is so strange not to have a to-do list that needs to be frenziedly attended to in order to be ready for an upcoming something. Today I'm just here, at the shop, no pressing deadlines, and it feels amazing. It's the first chance I've gotten to just stop and look around at this place. It's still sinking in that it's mine.

Because that's what happens when dreams come true, isn't it? We look around and think, this is it right? This is what I wanted? And when the answer is yes you have to just slow down, get out of your head, and be happy about it. It's real and YOU did that. So today I'm just giving myself permission to enjoy my hard work and my real first day on the job.

Monday, August 19, 2013

welcome to the bookerie!

So as I let you in on a few weeks ago, I opened a shop on Saturday. A real live shop, like with people who shop there and everything. I know there are a lot of shops in the world, but somehow I feel like this is revolutionary. My shop feels like something that's been inside of me for a long time. I've never lived anywhere I could paint the walls or the furniture as an adult and this little room is the one place where everything is exactly where I want it to be.

This is my shop.

Friday, August 2, 2013

new home

When we got married I moved into John's apartment, so this feels like our first house. It's an adorable duplex 13 blocks from my new shop, which makes it feel like we've moved to a whole new city without leaving Tulsa. I've been unpacking like crazy to get everything ready before I have to unpack like crazy at the shop. Here are a few quick snaps.

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