I am originally from Iowa, currently living in Tulsa, OK where I am a full time mommy and full time artist and small businesswoman. I own The Bookerie shops in downtown Tulsa and Sapulpa, and run the handmade label Favoring Brave. My other interests include writing, acting, costume design, poetry, photography, music, and public policy. I am married to the love of my life, and we have a sweet baby son and a cuddly corn snake named Clark.

Feel free to contact me at favoringbrave@gmail.com.

This is a tribute to bravery--to being yourself, even when that self makes life complicated. 
It is an ode to faith, strength, fashion, innovation, and frugality. 
This is a blog about finding balance in the middle, making due with what you have, enjoying life, and looking for beauty in the small things. It's about doing what makes you happy, serving those around you, and pursuing the impossible dream, even if that dream is just to get Red Lobster biscuits at 3am.

Let's make this a brave and beautiful world.


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