Monday, December 12, 2011

How to Love Your Closet: Play Dress Up

If you're just joining us, this is a series on managing your closet so you can get the most out of your clothes. New articles out each Monday! Be sure to hit up the first installment: Clean It Out.

When I have a free night I'm statistically more likely to hole up in my room and play dress up than to go party with people my age. What can I say? My clothes never drink too much and they're nice and quiet when I want to go to bed. 

But seriously, how many people never take the time to really look at their clothes and think about new ways to combine them? Sure, most of us don't have time to put together wildly creative outfits in the morning before work or school. That's why it's important to have ideas floating around in your head before you whip open your closet thirty minutes behind schedule. If you can pull together something you know already works, you'll automatically feel so much better about your day. Promise. Here's how to try it out.

Look at fashion blogs, magazines, and your inspiration board from Part 1 for ideas before you start. Know what you like on other people, even things you're scared to try out yourself. Think about what you can try with the clothes you already have.

Play music that makes you happy. Lock your boyfriend/husband/overeager roommate out if you feel self conscious. This is about you. But really: blare it.

Put ridiculous pieces together just because. Pendleton blazer and a fuchsia sundress? Do it. Mash up colors, patterns, fabrics, seasons, and styles with abandon. You never know what might work and will work its way into your regular wardrobe. This is how I discovered that I liked maxi skirts as midi dresses.

Dance. There is no faster way to know if something is uncomfortable and the happy music + the dancing + the being adventurous makes this such a great way to get your groove back after a long week or a stressful day. Dress up time is you time. Pretend like you're 18 or 30 or whatever age you want to be. If you feel like going all the way, sing into your hairbrush.

Have fun. Don't take this too seriously. Really people, they're just clothes, and the only one looking at you is you. Don't judge yourself. Love yourself. You're cool for doing this!

Hang outfits together in your closet. After you're done, hang outfits that you want to try in real life together in the closet to hold yourself to it. That way when your 30 minutes late you can still pull out a complete outfit and feel great all day.

Check back next week for a lesson in making a clothes shopping list!



  1. i now have saturday plans. i think adding wine is probably a really good or terrible idea. here goes nothing!

  2. I think wine is an excellent idea :) I might do this again this weekend too!


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