Wednesday, March 6, 2013

let's start a revolt

This week, I started something crazy. I started a diet and exercise plan. And it is IN-TENSE. It's only day 3 right now, but I am locked and loaded for 12 weeks of this baby - and guess what? You're coming with me! Every week I will be sharing my struggles and successes with you, my lovely readers, as well as the stories of some of my fellow Revolt bloggers.

This program is a big change for me. I've never been athletic, I've never been fit, I've never even really been in shape. I've always accepted that I just am the way I am, which is a good thing. But when there is something YOU want to change, it shouldn't feel impossible. This program isn't about punishing yourself, or becoming some thinner version of yourself that is somehow better, it's about becoming strong. It's about taking control of the goals you have for yourself and doing them! I already feel empowered and I am excited about going through this journey with you.


  1. Fellow Revolt blogger, here! So great you have committed to this and looking forward to the link ups! We got this!

  2. Andie {Maybe I Will }March 10, 2013 at 6:35 PM

    Another fellow Revolt Blogger!! Thanks for hosting!!! Good Luck and you got this :) !!!!


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