Friday, March 15, 2013

birthday frock

Dress: Graphic Colorblock Frock c/o Eshakti, Heels: Charlotte Russe

Isn't "frock" the best word? We should use it always. I can hear it now - A friend says, "That's cute!" and their stylish compatriot replies, "Oh, this old frock? It's nothing." Let's make this a thing.

So today is my birthday! I'm 23 - which finally sounds grown up. And unlike last year, when I was totally lame and didn't care about my birthday, this year I am getting into it! I've been on a pretty stringent diet lately so I am looking forward to cake WAY more than usual, and I am generally just looking forward to treating myself today - to sunshine, sketching, new kettlebells, and maybe even a manicure, if I'm feeling crazy.




When Eshakti contacted me about reviewing an item from their spring line, I was pretty excited, because I had already decided I really wanted this dress. If you've been eyeing something from Eshakti, or if you just need something new for Easter (cause this is for sure going to be my Easter dress!) stop by their site and check it out. And - BONUS - get %20 off now through 3/20 with the code FVRTHEBRVE.




  1. That dress is adorable! It's the perfect birthday dress!


  2. Ugh, this dress is 10x cuter on a person than I even imagined it'd be! I saw it online too and loved it immediately, the print is just so gorgeous and unique. You look amazing in it! :)

  3. gorgeous! newly obsessed with eshakti. this dress is just too cute!

  4. This outfit is VERY awesome! The shoes with that dress!

  5. Happy (belated) Birthday! That dress looks amazing on you, and those shoes are a perfect match!

  6. that dress looks amazing on you! i love how unique the print is, and the cut is really flattering. just lovely!


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