Tuesday, July 31, 2012

jewelry frame *tutorial*

I have been dying to have a better way to display my necklaces lately, and so when I went home to Iowa last week I made sure to scour my favorite thrift store for some great big empty frames to rig up as new jewelry storage. I found two great ones and now I'd like to share with you how I did it!

Here's what you need:
a frame
a drill
cup hooks (available at hardware store)

Start with a beautiful empty frame. Mine came with a hanging wire on the back already, but if your's doesn't have one then use a wire and a stapler to add one to the back.

Use a marker to mark where you would like to add the cup hooks. I didn't measure, but I spaced out the  hooks about 3/4" on one part of the frame for big necklaces and put them much closer together on the other side for chains.

Drill the holes.

Screw in the cup hooks. 
I always started them by hand and then used a pair of pliers to make sure they were in securely.

Keep going....

And going... 
This is the boring part, but it is almost over!

Once all the hooks are in the frame, hang on the wall and then hang your necklaces!

And there you go--jewelry storage that doubles as art! Enjoy!



  1. I have been seeing these type of tutorials everywhere and need to just bite the bullet and make one! I LOVE how yours turned out sweet lady :)



  2. Clever, Jill! I was just telling my man that I needed somewhere to store jewelry but hate jewelry boxes. Might have to DIY one of these!

    <3 Cambria

  3. I've always meant to do something like this, it's such a cute way to store necklaces (mine are getting tangles while I type this as they hang on my doorknob). Your's turned out great!


  4. I love this! Definitely going to give it a whirl...thanks!



  5. this is so great! i always forget about this option when i get frustrated with the overflowing area where my necklaces currently are. i will definitely have to remember to make something like this for myself.


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