Wednesday, July 11, 2012

heart garland *tutorial*

I made these garlands to go on our tables at our wedding and they were a big hit! 
Wanna make your own? Here's how:

You'll need some paper (I used pages out of an old French language workbook), twine, scissors and glue.

First of all cut out a heart to use as a pattern for all the other hearts so that they match. 

Next fold your paper in half the long way. I did a few pages at a time.

Then fold the pages in half the other way and wrap the control heart around that fold so that the top of the rounded parts of the heart are on the first fold you made. It is important that you don't cut through that part.

Cut around the heart, leaving the top folded over like I just mentioned.

Which is hard to take a picture of.

When you unfold everything it should look like this.

Next, fold the heart over a piece of twine and put a line of glue around the inside of it to hold it together. I kept some space free from glue at the top so I could slide the hearts on the twine to adjust the  space between them.

There you go! Just repeat until you have the length you want!



  1. this is so cute! great way to decorate!

  2. Adorable. Cute for everyday or a holiday. I love using book pages too!

  3. that is so cute, thanks for sharing x


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