Thursday, August 16, 2012

brooch organizer *tutorial*

I have a lovely lot of vintage brooches from family members, flea markets, and vintage sales but I always forget to wear them. They are always holed away in my jewelry box, and usually I don't look beyond my earring basket and necklace frame to find my day's accessories. But that's all about to change now that I have made this sweet little brooch and pin organizer, and with this super easy tutorial, you can make one too!

All you need is some fabric, a large embroidery hoop, and a pair of scissors (& your brooches too!)

Start by loosening the screw that tightens the outside ring and positioning the outside (the bigger ring) underneath the piece of fabric, and placing the smaller ring on top, pushing down so that the little ring fits into the bigger one.

While holding the inner ring down with your fingers, pull on the fabric around the edges to tighten it.
Then flip the whole thing over and tighten the screw back down so that the rings are secure. Pull on the fabric around the edges again to get everything REALLY tight.

Once everything is tightened satisfactorily, flip the hoop back over and begin trimming around the edges.

Keep going until you get all the way around.

Your hoop is complete!

This is what it will look like when you're done.

Add your brooches!

Don't they all look pretty together?

To hang, all you need to do is put a simple nail in the wall and 
hang from the screw you use to tighten the frame!

Mine is living below my necklace frame in the bathroom.

Enjoy your easy way to see all your brooches!


The Girl Creative

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  1. This is such a great idea! I have the same problem with my brooches and this is a super cute way to display them!


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