Tuesday, August 14, 2012

market uniform

In the last week I have added several weekly markets to my schedule, and so my posting has become a bit more sporadic and I apologize. But the one thing I can tell you is that I always try and make my clothing choices interesting when I sell my jewelry, so I have at least two days a week that I'm bound to look decent and grab a picture. 

Market was so fun today! Two of my nephews came with me to be my muscles and we had a great time. Made some new friends and met a touring boy band - and they actually bought stuff! 

All my goodies all laid out and ready to sell!

Detail of my bracelet bar at market today.

I have been loving the daytime sequin look for awhile now, but I'm just trying it out today! It was definitely a hit with me, especially paired with my most blogged about skirt and belt!



  1. Great photos! I love the sequins with the army green, unexpected but I like it!


  2. I love your market uniform! That belt is really, really cute :)

  3. Hey darling,

    great blog!

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    I would like to share my blog with you, i hope you will follow back if you like it.


    xoxo LLD

  4. This is a super fun daytime sequins look...esp because you picked casual shoes and skirt, and even the tank itself takes on that casual shape...except the sequins keep it jazzy :) Perfect for a market or errand day where you want comfort and cute.

    <3 Cambriajupefashion.blogspot.com

  5. Your stuff looks great all spread out! So colorful :) And I love the sequined top for a daytime look - very fun.

  6. You look adorable! Such a sweet look

  7. Your jewelry looks beautiful! If I saw that stand at a market, I would definitely buy. :)

  8. your jewelry is so colorful & fun! who was the boy band?? :)


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