Wednesday, August 8, 2012

bead queen

I am in full scale jewelry mode right now because I have my first sale at a Tulsa Farmer's Market tomorrow and a whole string of craft fairs lined up after that, which might be why I look so darn tired in these pictures. But, life is good because I'm getting to do what I love, and that is making me happy. 

So life is imitating art today and I covered myself in beads: 
a great necklace and a crazy awesome beaded elastic belt.

This outfit is also accessorized with my humungous bruise on my left shin. I am currently working on drafting a mind blowing story about how I got it. I sprain my ankle and no mark, but I have no memory of doing anything to get this bruise.

Isn't that belt a beauty? ($0.75...)

Off the make more beautiful things! 



  1. So cute!! Just wanted you to know that I put up the earrings on my blog today :) Hope I was able to do them justice! I absolutely love them!

  2. Love that beaded belt. And wow, that's some bruise ...

  3. WHERE on earth did you find that incredible beaded belt?! And sorry about that bruise, looks awful!

    <3 Cambria

  4. Absolutely love this belt. It really can be paired with so many things!

    A Southern Drawl


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