Sunday, August 5, 2012

dyeing for a cool front

I feel like the most broken record you're ever going to listen to, but it is just so hot I can barely stand it. I'm getting the apartment crazies. Anybody remember that episode of Arthur (yeah, the aardvark) where he takes a frozen shirt out of the freezer when it's super hot? Yeah, I want to do that all the time. Simple and cool is about all I can handle right now - no jewelry, no frills, and you bet your bottom dollar my hair was up in a scrunchie before you could say "Really, a scrunchie?" after I took these photos.

And I also never wear shoes. So unlike last time, I'm being honest in my photos.

Stay cool!



  1. Great dress and it looks amazing on you :) xoxox

  2. You look cool to me! And the fact that you're not wearing shoes makes you look even cooler... Like you're chilling by the lake!

  3. If those circles on your dress were green or yellow they would look like slices of citrus! Very cute! It's hot here in Virginia too and soooo ready for summer to be dead and gone!

  4. Lovely dress! The print is gorgeous!


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