Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back to School Crafts: Magnetic Pencil Holder Tutorial


I don't think any thrift store in America can be complete without one of these cups. It looks harmless enough and then... wait for it...

So snarky. I love it.

But this particular cup caught my eye for another reason. How perfect would this be, I thought, to hold pens and pencils on the refrigerator so I can find them when I need them? Very perfect.

So here's what I started with:

Mod Podge
Paintbrush (for applying the Mod Podge)
Scrapbooking paper
Sheet music
Banner (from a scrapbooking set)
Not Pictured: magnets and E6000 glue to affix the magnets, gold paint

I started by cutting the scrapbooking paper into strips to mod podge onto the mug.

Then I began mod podging the strips onto the mug, applying the glue to the mug and then also paint over the strips. I cut the bottom of the strips that wrapped over the curve of the cup about every 1/3 inch so that they would wrap around the mug more smoothly. I did the same thing around the handle, carefully cutting the paper often to wrap around the curve.

Then I added the music and quote on top with more Mod Podge.

After all that dried I used the E6000 to glue on the buttons, and after that dried I glued the magnets on the back.

I found this configuration to be the most stable.

After everything dried I used the gold paint to add some embellishments and paint the top rim of the mug to disguise the seam between the scrapbooking paper and the mug and give it a finished look.

Ta-da! Super love. 
You could easily adapt this tutorial to use a regular mug as a pencil holder for your desk as well, especially if your thift store is out of its yearly allotment of snarky mugs. 

If you make it, I want to see it!


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