Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Wedding Files #2: How to Pick a Color Palette

Let's be honest. I didn't just pick these colors. I've known I wanted them for about a year now.
So these are my colors:

I'm going for a very vintage-y vibe with this whole shebang, and this is the perfect palette for that, in my opinion. A lot of people expected me to throw some green in, but I resisted. Barely.

Plum and ice blue are our base colors for a very special reason. Plum is my favorite color and light blue is hubby-to-be's. And they are so great yet unexpected together, just like us, I like to think. They will work well for a summer wedding, but they aren't what you see everyday, both of which are aspects that were important to us.

My opinion is that the colors should represent both parties. There is nothing that gets under my skin more than weddings where you know that the bride picked everything and the groom's input was probably completely ignored, if he felt like sharing any at all. The common idea that the wedding is "for the girl" is ridiculous. If a guy can put his heart on the line to ask a girl to marry him, he should at least get to have (or want to have!) some input into the party that results. It's the start of a new life together. This has been important to John and I from the beginning because we want it be our wedding, every step of the way.

So back to colors: Think about your favorite colors, what looks good on each of you, what colors look good together. Think about suit colors and favorite flowers. And yes, consider what colors you will be able to find bridesmaid dresses in that won't cost an arm and a leg. But here is my biggest piece of advice:


You need a palette.

I design for theater a lot and if it has taught me anything it is that designs work when you have core colors surrounded by things that compliment them. For my palette that means we start with the plum and ice blue, richen it up with a purple with more grey in it, and add the grey, burlap, and ivory neutrals to keep everything simple with an old world feeling. Now when I'm looking for decorations, flowers, and other things, there's some flexibility. I know what ALL my colors are.

More to come!


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