Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Bad Health of Bunbury

Lace shirt: thrifted, Stapless top: Charlotte Russe, Belt: thrifted, Jeggings: N.Y. & Co. - thrifted, 
Boots: thrifted, from the Dublin Flea Market (!), Necklace: Jewelry by Jill

I'm re-reading "The Importance of Being Earnest" for my British Literature class right now. 
If you haven't read it: go read it. 
You didn't know Victorians could be so darn funny.

But the point is that one character, Algernon, makes up a random sick friend that he calls "Bunbury" who lives in the country who gets deathly ill whenever Algernon wants to leave town and get out of his responsibilities.

If I had a Bunbury, he would be in especially bad health right now, because I wouldn't mind skipping out on senior-in-college life for awhile.
Just sayin'.


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