Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Walk With the One You Love

This afternoon John and I went on a wonderful walk through some of the cute side streets near my house to enjoy the 60 degree November day, take pictures of leaves, and play Zelda sitting on the terrace in front of an art gallery. We're going to be together forever people.
You don't just find fall-walking, picture-taking, beauty-appreciating, Zelda-playing best friends just anywhere, you know.

As we were walking back I had him snap some outfit pictures for me. 
And he actually enjoyed it. So now he is stuck with a job for life.
What a lucky, lovely man I am marrying.

Dress: Delia's, Boots: Payless, Tights: Hue, Belt: vintage, thrifted, Sweater: Forever21

If you couldn't tell, he makes me happy.


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