Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Height of Irony

This is a story about this bag of beads.

Now there is nothing inherently wrong with them, they just happen to be shaped like butterflies. 
Which is something I do not like in a bead. They are also cheap, cheap, cheap and, as a designer I don't like using things that are low quality, especially if they look low quality.

These beads came into my possession a long time ago and I recently bagged them up and put them in a garage sale for some sweet little girl with jewelry making aspirations to experiment with.
End of story. Or so I thought...

I was minding my own business, selling beautiful jewelry at the Farmer's Market on Thursday when I woman came up to me. I have seen her at market on and off over my 6 years there, and I know that she loves butterflies. Loves them. Every time she stops she checks to see if I have anything new with butterflies on it. But for whatever reason she and I have never quite clicked. Perhaps its the fact that she thinks my prices are exorbitant ($3 for earrings, $4.50 for bracelets).
Anyway, she was excited. She said she had something for me.
Oh, goodness, no. 

Apparently the beads were not purchased by some sweet little girl. 
And now I'm expected to use them to make an "elegant" (her words) butterfly set. God help me.

Ahhh, life. Never predictable, is it?


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  1. That it frickin hilarious. I had to fight to control laughter so as not to disturb my roommate, deep in the quiet art of reading a scientific journal article. I will be waiting to see what sort of beautiousness you come up with.


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