Wednesday, June 29, 2011

You've Always Got Your Family

It has been an adventure being home this summer. But it has been a good adventure.

These are my two brothers, both younger, even if the one in the middle doesn't look like he is. He's my 15-year-old pretend big brother--he gets things off high shelves and lifts heavy objects for me, but I still got to feed him his first bottle at home. Kind of a win-win when you look at it that way.

The other brother is already a staggering 9 years old and he looks older (and taller!) every day. He is serving as my photographer while I'm at home, and it is so exciting for me when he actually looks forward to taking my pictures! 

Spending time with these boys has been one of the highlights of the summer. I can't believe how fast they're growing up and I'm really happy I'm here to see it right now. They're great, and they're my brothers. Nothing being home to remind you what you're really thankful for.


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