Monday, June 6, 2011

I Made It: Infinity Dress

UPDATE: For a roundup of ways I like to wear my infinity dress, see my newer post here.

I have wanted one of these dresses since I was in high school. The idea of a full circle skirt and an infinite number of necklines was always enticing for me, and I'm so glad I held on to the dream of making one of my very own because it very recently paid off. I used this tutorial, and this one as well, for reference.

I found this great fabric on sale at a JoAnn's near my best friend's apartment when I was visiting her at Iowa State a few weeks ago. It is maroon-y, printed perfection and it lays like a dream. No lines to worry about here!

It took me a lot more than the hour project time suggested by its tutorials, but that was mostly because it was an adventure in math and geometry to cut the darn thing. I was DETERMINED to get the whole dress out of two yards of 60 inch fabric, which was a feat to be sure, especially considering the suggested yardage is 4-5 yards per dress. Therefore what I saved in money I paid back in time. It was doable, though, and by making the straps 72 inches (2 yards) instead of 1.5x my height and cutting the skirt in two half circle pieces and just sewing them together along the sides I still had enough fabric left to piece together a waistband that actually goes up over my bust line to make this dress bra friendly. I'm all about keeping dresses bra friendly.

Forgive the awkward pictures. I am an awkward person. This one is a little better...

... but not much. Oh well, I'll just blame it on the sofa.



  1. That looks gorgeous! I love the material, and the photos aren't as awkward as you think. :)

  2. Thank you, you're very kind :) I am quite a fan of the material myself!

  3. What type of fabric is that?

  4. I wish I could tell you for sure... the name of it has gone completely out of my head, but I know that it is some kind of synthetic jersey knit. It has a slick feeling to it and fibers are too small to see. I got it on sale at was the cheapest one I could find (I'm too much of a bargain shopper sometimes...)

  5. Hi, how much taller you made your waistband pieces to make it bra friendly? I really want to be able to make this dress to be wearable. thank you. btw I saw your post on crafter.

  6. I made it about 8 inches including seam allowance. Hope that helps.


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