Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Made It: Paper Bag Dress

Now that I have successfully made dresses of my own, I'm hooked. I love making things more than I ever did before and believe me, I didn't think that was possible. The white tank top was a 25 cent score at the thrift store awhile ago but it was tragically short on me so now it has found a new vocation as the top half of this dress (maybe... It's still just pinned in right now. I can't decide if I want to make this a dress or keep it a skirt. I'm leaning towards dress.) The skirt fabric was also a thrifting score and I had almost the EXACT amount I needed to make the skirt. For guidance I looked to iCandy Handmade, which recently came out with a GREAT tutorial for this kind of dress for little girls. I just put in my measurements instead and went to town! It worked perfectly.

 This ended up being my Father's Day outfit. Completed at 12:35am the night before. Story of my life.
I'm such a fan of big bows right now and so I had to have one on this skirt. The sash is detachable, but I don't forsee ever wearing this outfit without it!

What to sew next... That is the question.

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