Friday, June 17, 2011

I Made It: A Picnic Dress


I have always wanted to make this dress. And, finally, it is finished.
My very first dress totally from scratch.
This is not a refashion, or formerly a men's shirt. It was fabric on a bolt before it became this dress. And I am feeling pretty darn accomplished.

I followed the instructions on this website, more or less, with my own alterations. I drafted a pattern for my bodice in my Costume Construction class last semester and so I used that for the basis of my improvised pattern. I did end up making pattern pieces for all of it because I knew I wouldn't have the patience to go back and start over if I had to recut my pieces later.

I knew I wanted the bustline to have some more shape to it so I added the gather down the center of the bodice and I sewed a pleat into the front of the bodice to give me a more hourglass shape. My zipper was SUPER long in the back so it went almost to the hem of the dress, but I like it that way. I also decided to add the bias tape trim around the neck and arms because I felt like it needed something extra. There's a bit of wrinkle wierdness in the front bodice, but nothing that will keep me from wearing it.

It's a little prim and proper for my usual tastes, but I love it none the less. It's not quite like anything I see in stores these days and I think that's part of its charm. I can tell its a dress I'm going to use in some unexpected outfits, which is always fun.


I  am glad it's done now though. Have you ever hemmed a full circle skirt? 
It takes a seriously long time.


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  1. I think this is a lovely dress! I'm so impressed, seeing how the tutorial was a bit complicated. I wanna try my own version, but I think I need to get a little better at following normal patterns. Congratulations! P.S. You are really pretty!


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