Saturday, December 1, 2012

THE dress

You know what's crazy? It's already my 6 month anniversary! Where does the time go?

I realized a few weeks ago that I never really posted much about my wedding dress, but if there were one thing that was post worthy about my wedding, it would have to be the dress!

Right after I got engaged my darling aunt sent me a congrats note and offered to make my dress if I wanted her to. Now let's just establish something here. My aunt makes dresses for a living, and not just flimsy little cotton things either. She makes real life period costume dresses - think Queen Elizabeth in that one picture. So first of all, I was just so excited that she offered. 

I hadn't ever really fallen in love with a catalogue wedding dress, but I had fallen in love with this little beauty while roaming around Edinburgh, Scotland with my (then) boyfriend (now husband!) and my roommate.


Gorgeous, right?

Well, Gorgeous here happens to cost upwards of 4,000 pounds, which happens to be even more in dollars, so in my mind Gorgeous and I were over before we even had a chance to begin. 

Fast forward back to my aunt's offer. I hemmed and hawed a little, but finally I decided to ask her if she could do something like Gorgeous. If she couldn't, no big deal. I would find a dress that would be fine. 

But then the fateful email came - she could do it!

There were months of redesigning, fabric shopping, and straight up magic on my aunt's part and early in May a long awaited package came for me in the mail.


This beautiful dress.

There is so much personal significance in it. Some of the rosettes on the shoulder are made from scraps from my grandma and great grandmother's wedding dresses. The bottom layers are embroidered with a double J design for John & Jill. There are also some Celtic crosses embroidered around the bottom to signify my Celtic ancestry.


All in all it was the most perfect wedding dress of all time. I will treasure it my whole life. 



  1. What a beautiful dress

  2. Oh my heavens! Your dress is amazing! I'm very impressed with your aunt's talent! And I'm sure it makes it even more special to have such a family significance. Beautiful!

  3. what a stunning dress. wow


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