Saturday, December 15, 2012

50 states of brave introduces: ms. south dakota!

If you're just joining us, 50 States of Brave is a blogging project that celebrates the little opportunities we have to be brave everyday and the women who make these habits a way of life. As part of the project, everyone blogger is sending in a story of the bravest thing they've ever done for all of us to get to read, which makes us pretty excited. 

The whole project is sponsored by Favoring Brave, my Etsy store. Each lady gets to pick an item from the store to model in her post and keep as a souvenir of her bravery!

Wanna see all of the brave ladies already featured? Visit our lovely archives or Pinterest page of bloggers and their Favoring Brave picks!

Wanna join in the fun and represent your state? There's more info about that at the bottom of this post.

Alright here's the good stuff:


Big round of applause for Ms. South Dakota...


Here's what Katie has to say about bravery...

I'm not a  brave girl. I am that girl that tells everyone to take the safe route. When I was in school I was known as the 'swear police' and 'Mrs. Goodie two-shoes'.  So when I was asked to write a post on the bravest thing I've ever done, I have to admit it was a challenge.  I am safe when it comes to driving, safe when it comes to my social life, and even safe when it comes to what I eat. I am a modest-dressing, easy going gal who teaches elementary students. But you know what? In today's world I think all of those things are pretty brave.


We grow up in a society which is so focused on gaining attention of some kind. People use their bodies, their talents, even their children to gain the adoration and recognition of total strangers. I pride myself on having the courage to simply be content with the simple things in life. I don't require much to make me happy. All I need is a bit of family, a few gorgeous sunsets, and an evening walk to make me appreciate all of God's splendor around us.  I think it takes courage to admit that I don't want to gain worldly attention the way in which so many seek to. I want to gain the attention of my Father in Heaven. I want to make Him proud with my inner beauty, not some arbitrary outer beauty that this world so expertly tries to deem desirable. I don't need to please anyone with the way that I dress or the words that I say. I am holding myself to a higher standard. My main goal in this life is to love others. To spend each day consciously thinking of ways to be an example of Christ's love-not always through my words but through my actions. 

I know that God has made me bold in my faith in order to bring people to Him. People who are in need of His incredible, unconditional love. I am not timid about sharing that part of my life, and I hope never to be so. I want to be remembered for how God was able to use my life for His glory, because His plan is so much better than what I could ever plan for myself.  And that makes me brave :)

2 Timothy 1:7- For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

  Wearing: In The Green Necklace from FavoringBrave


Think you have what it takes to represent your state? Awesome! Here's what you have to do to apply:

1. Follow Favor the Brave through GFC or Bloglovin.
2. Send me an email at with your name, you blog address, what state you're from, and why you should get to represent your state as it's resident brave lady!
3. For more information on the project and what is required, read this.

Some states are filled already, but there are lots of openings left!



  1. Katie is such a doll! I really love this concept!



  2. This is a fantastic post!

  3. hannah @ The Braided BanditDecember 17, 2012 at 2:00 PM

    Awesome post Katie! I completely agree with you that sometimes it even braver to NOT wear the super tight revealing clothes and be the girl who needs constant attention and approval to feel good about themselves. Being content with who you are is super brave!

    xo Hannah

  4. It is very interesting, and I think committing to a way of life/a life outlook can be very brave. There is a lot of things that give peer pressure and/or people who will try to pull you away from your goals. Great post and gorgeous necklace.

  5. Lovely necklace and Such a pretty dress Katie! I really love that about you, you always look so bright and happy and you're not afraid to share your faith and what you believe and love with everyone. I admire that so much!


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