Friday, January 13, 2012

The To Do List

If I practice yoga, work on my wedding flowers, and write a poem today, I will be happy.
And follow up on jobs and such. You know. 

That is really all I have to say, except that I inadvertently slept with my camera last night and that I will be gone for the weekend, so if you don't here from me, that's why. 
Oh, and psych yourself up for some wedding DIY-ing. 
It's coming, folks.
And if you wouldn't mind, I'd love some prayers for my job search.

Okay, yeah. I think that's everything now. Happy Friday!

Thrifted: jeans, tee; Sweater: F21; Necklace: homemade



  1. Best of luck on your job search! Enjoy the weekend :)

  2. Very cute outfit! Have a great weekend dear! xo

  3. You look really pretty!

  4. love the details on the sweater. i can see why these things would make you happy. i'm happy if i just get something productive done during the day (or if i find a really great deal on a pair of thrifted shoes!). i also like the house to be neat at the end of the day! hope you find a great job!


  5. Oh yeah, a deal on shoes always makes for a good day!


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