Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Toys

Thrifted: cardigan, tee, pants; Earrings: handmade by me!; Shoes: Charlotte Russe

I've got a new toy friends. I alluded to it yesterday, but oh boy.

I'm in love. 
With Photoshop.

Fiance is dealing with this admirably. God bless him for not being the jealous type.

Prepare yourself for so many obviously edited photos until I get this out of my system.
Which will probably be never.
Just so you know.

Stick around please?

What new toys did you guys get for Christmas?



  1. I am coveting your new photo software. One of these days, Photoshop will be mine. I love the filters but sometimes they get me down since I can't see the true colors of a person's outfit. I'm weird about colors :) For Xmas, I got money. Then the next day I used the money to pay for car repairs. So goes the life of a grownup!

  2. I totally know what you mean about the colors... but I just can't resist a good vintage looking photo :)

  3. Nostalgia.....I love the pics. Also, your hair! Chignon love. What kind of clips do you use to keep your hair in place, it looks lovely :)

  4. you know, my hair is always just a huge mess of bobby pins. My fiance jokes that I leave a trail of them wherever I go!


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