Thursday, January 12, 2012

Midday Light

I love this striped sweater, but even more than that, I loved taking these pictures. Being jobless isn't all bad. I have the time to take middle of the day beauties like these.

Dress: Gap, thrifted; Sweater: Penny's (Ireland); Belt: thrifted; Shoes: Born, thrifted; Necklace: handmade

I love these shoes and it shows. 
They are SO comfortable, and who knew bright white and blue would be so versatile! 



  1. Really cute! I'm totally getting into stripes this year! Being jobless - yeah, I'll hate getting back to real world, so until then I'm enjoying every minute of my jobless life right now.

  2. This pictures are really pretty. I love stripped sweaters!

    xo Jennifer


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