Saturday, January 7, 2012

polaroid magnets *tutorial*

Another Christmas present I had to wait until after Christmas to post! These are adorable, simple and make great gifts because they're so easy to personalize. I made magnets of our family pictures for my parents and pictures of us for my fiance.

I got the idea here, and adapted to my needs.

Here's what you need:
Foam board
Exact-o knife
Peel and Stick Magnetic Strips

  1. Make your pictures into polaroids using the Poladroid application (so much fun!)
  2. Print out your pictures. Cut them apart into individual pictures.
  3. Glue on to foam board. Let dry.
  4. Use an exact-o knife to cut the pictures apart. 
  5. Cut the magnetic strips into smaller pieces, peel off the backing, and stick on!

And there you go! Super light, super cute. Great gifts.


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