Thursday, July 28, 2011

Creative Ways to Store Your Jewelry

Good evening my friends. As some of you know, I have begun writing for College Fashion, which is awesome, and I have a new post up today called 4 Creative Ways to Store Your Jewelry at College, which is also awesome. So, in honor of this topic I would like to share one more idea with you--the mother of all my jewelry storing ideas:

So all this is: plain wooden shadow box-ish frame + spray paint + chicken wire netting x some staples = beautiful jewelry display. 

I got the frame at the thrift store and the chicken wire at the hardware store. First I spray painted the frame and the bottles, then I cut the netting to fit each opening and then just stapled it on to the back.

So simple. So great. I use this as one of my traveling displays when I sell my jewelry at Farmer's Markets.

You can fold the sharp edges under if you want to be conscientious, but I like to live dangerously.

Do you remember those awesome limited edition American Idol Coke bottles that were round? I snatched as many of those up as I could carry and several of them got spray painted and found their way into this display, mostly just because they're cute (and I ran out of chicken wire).



  1. love the idea jill!


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