Wednesday, January 30, 2013

twenty-five little ways to be creative



January can get a little *blah* and so here's a quick list of ways to make your days brighter- and more creative!
  1. Write a haiku every night before bed.
  2. Research what herbs go best with different meats and veggies so that you can work some kitchen magic without just following the recipe.
  3. Doodle while you're on the phone.
  4. Put unexpected colors together in your outfits like blue and orange, purple and green, or coral and yellow.
  5. Refresh your space and do a quick decorating facelift with new curtains or throw pillows.
  6. Listen to a radio show instead of watching TV so that you can imagine the pictures.
  7. Learn a fun new hobby like crochet, painting, or knitting. 
  8. Play dress up.
  9. Repaint your work space in a bright and fun new color.
  10. Go to a local museum for inspiration.
  11. Tell a child a bedtime story.
  12. Make a collage of photos family and friends sent with their Christmas cards to display on the fridge or a bulletin board.
  13. Reread a favorite book and use it to inspire a piece of art. It will hold an even more significance for you. 
  14. Buy some inexpensive and fun accessories  like belts and earrings, you can use to expand your wardrobe.
  15. Experiment with fun cocktails at home so you can wow guests while you're entertaining in the future!
  16. Have a girl's night out to a painting or pottery studio. It's the perfect opportunity to branch out artistically without buying a lot of supplies!
  17. Go to a home remodeling workshop at a local hardware store and learn a new technique for home beautification.
  18. Make a Pinterest board of things you want to do in the next 3 months. Make it realistic. Do one pin each week.
  19. Learn calligraphy and use it address any envelopes you send - even the bills!
  20. Buy a beautiful journal and use it for writing or sketching, whatever you like to do best.
  21. Make lovely and colorful arrangement of fruit for your kitchen such as apples, bananas, mangoes, oranges, and pomegranates - the color is inspiring!
  22. Buy something unexpected off the sales rack - and challenge yourself to wear it 4 times in a month.
  23. Try to journal with your opposite hand - it can help put you in touch with the other half of your brain, and for rightys that can mean more creativity!
  24. Take fun and crazy pictures with friends or family members.
  25. Mess around with photo editing software, just for fun.



Go forth and be creative!



  1. thanks for the inspiration! love the shoes!

  2. Great list - I'm definitely going to try out at least #1, #13, and #19. :)

  3. Great advice (and adorable shoes)! Thanks for the pick-me-up.

  4. I LOVE the haiku idea! Can't wait for bedtime :)

  5. I love your outfit! That bow is adorable!

    Thanks for the great creative ideas!



  6. January is definitely feeling blah. Thanks for the ideas!

  7. I might try some of these :)
    Now following through the Friday Chaos blog hop :)


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