Thursday, January 24, 2013

50 states of brave introduces: ms. north carolina!

We are proud to introduce Ms. North Carolina...

Kenyé of Glow Kouture!

Kenyé is modeling the Pearly Collar Necklace by Favoring Brave.

If you're just joining us, 50 States of Brave is a blogging project that celebrates the little opportunities we have to be brave everyday and the women who make these habits a way of life. As part of the project, everyone blogger is sending in a story of the bravest thing they've ever done for all of us to get to read, which makes us pretty excited. 

The whole project is sponsored by Favoring Brave, my Etsy store. Each lady gets to pick an item from the store to model in her post and keep as a souvenir of her bravery!

Wanna see all of the brave ladies already featured? 
Visit our lovely archives or Pinterest page of bloggers and their Favoring Brave picks!

Wanna join in the fun and represent your state? 
There's more info about that at the bottom of this post.

Alright here's the good stuff from Kenyé:


Bravery to me is stepping outside of your comfort zone, overcoming a fear or sharing personal secrets. When Jill asked me to be apart of this series, I was totally thrilled and nervous at the same time! I would describe myself as a quiet keep things to myself kind of girl and usually don’t write about things I consider personal or things dealing with my life. However, I began to think about the brave things I’ve done in life and a few things came to mind like learning how to drive a car and getting my license in high school, graduating and going off to college, going into the career world after graduating from college, getting married after dating my husband for five years! With all those things stated I consider brave, I have to say those are by far not the bravest things I done.

The bravest thing I’ve done is starting my own business. I didn’t know if the items I was making would actually sell, I feared putting myself out there to the world and I’m kind of an introvert so I feared talking to people about my business but I’m a very crafty and creative girl and in my head I knew I had an awesome product to make and sell but it was just something about having a business that made me cringe. After much pushing to get out there and do it from family and friends I started my business in 2008.

I no longer fear being a business owner I actually embrace it! Everything is not always peachy keen, I have ups and downs and I put in long working hours to keep it going. I can say that I’m glad that I did start my own business because I’ve met so many wonderful and interesting people. I am very thankful for the people that support my business and I am even more proud of myself for being brave enough to step out into the world and doing what I’m passionate about and selling a handmade item that will bring joy to others. 

Think you have what it takes to represent your state? Awesome! Here's what you have to do to apply:

1. Follow Favor the Brave through GFC or Bloglovin.
2. Send me an email at with your name, you blog address, what state you're from (Don't forget this!), and why you should get to represent your state as it's resident brave lady!
3. For a complete description of project requirements or to visit our past honorees gallery please visit the 50 States of Brave Blogger Search page.

Some states are filled already, but there are lots of openings left!

All opinions in this post are the opinions of the blogger featured, and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of this blog. This is a forum for openness and acceptance, so please be kind. Any derogatory comments will be removed at the discretion of the blog editor.


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