Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The One with the Bright Red Bag

Fiance and I have been on a "Friends" kick lately. Our evening ritual has become dinner, Friends, and copious flower making. At least on my end. It's crazy what you can accomplish when you don't have homework. Ross has already been married all three times and it's only March! 
What a successful early spring.

I found this treasure of a bag at the Plato's Closet earlier this week even though, prepare yourself, I am starting to like Plato's less and less. Something about working 8-5 has the tendency to make a girl appreciate a good sturdy dress lining and a little structure. What can I say? I'm getting old and boring.



  1. I agree! Platos was great in college (and still is at times) for finding cheap and flimsy things to go out in, but I am really starting to appreciate quality more these days. Example, when I go to the mall now I look in the Misses section rather than Juniors! Ahhh when did I grow up?!

  2. Yay for that awesome bag!
    I totally feel you on the need for more sturdy clothes....cheap clothes only last and look good for so long....lame haha

    p.s. I am having my first ever giveaway if you would like to enter :)


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