Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wedding Files #5: Engagement Picture Banners

Fiance and I have engagement pictures today and I am super excited. 
Like really, REALLY excited. 
I have been gathering props for awhile now and this was the finishing touch. I'm hoping we can get a good picture with the date banner for the front of our invitations. It is going to be super cute.

So here's what I did to make the banner.
I started with a book of old hymns, a piece of twine, a stapler and a Sharpie. 
First I cut the pages in half and chopped the corners. 
Then I picked a font that I liked and printed out the letters and numbers I needed in a large size. I didn't trace them, but I used their shape to sketch the characters in pencil on the pages first. 

Then I outlined the characters in the Sharpie and then I filled them in until they were the right shape. 

I made one set with the word "Love" and another with our wedding date, "June 2, 1012."

Then I folded over the tops of the pages...

... and stapled the folded part over the twine, being careful not to catch the twine in the staple so that the  letters can move freely on the twine. That way they can be repositioned based on the shot.

And there you go! Super cute.



  1. I really love what you did here, it's so cute and unique!

    So, I just found your blog and since I am engaged also, I saw the "we're getting married!" pic on the right and immediately clicked on it. To my surprise... we have the same wedding date! Pretty cool :) I took our own engagement photos in October, and I'm preparing to send out save-the-dates. It's starting to feel real! Good luck with all of your wedding planning :)

  2. That's crazy! How cool... it's a good wedding date :) It will actually be my parent's wedding anniversary, which makes it extra special! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We'll have to keep comparing notes!

  3. where did you get your old hymns at?


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