Wednesday, February 6, 2013

dandelions *tutorial*

I have been making these sweet little dandelions for several years, including making many, many of them for my wedding decorations. They are super easy and fun to make and here's how!

Grab yourself some yarn. White is the best for making little dandelion fuzzies, but yellow also works for billie balls.

Start by grasping the end of the string between your first two fingers and your thumb.

Begin to wrap the string around your fingers over and over.

Continue to wrap until you have about 1/2 thickness around your fingers.

Cut the end of the wrap and lay the wrapped string on top of a short piece of string, about 8 inches long.

Tie the two ends of the short string together over the top of the wrap.

Pull very, very tightly. Tie another knot to make sure everything's secure.

Trim the ends of the knotted string.

Use a scissors to cut around the wrapped string so that all the loops are separated.

It will probably be a little all over the place when you're done. That's why there's one more step!

Pinch the puff ball between your thumb and pointer finger...

...and use the scissors to trim all the way around the edges. This will even out everything and make your dandelion look pretty.

And there you go! A beautiful finished dandelion!



  1. I saw garland made out of yarn pom-poms and it was the cutest thing!


  2. Cute! I love learning your secrets :)


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