Thursday, June 14, 2012

a girl and her satchel

Husband (!) and I went garage saleing (is that a word?) last weekend to find furniture, because it is now inexplicably exciting to us to be all grown up like that, and instead we came home with a huge print of the philosophers at Athens for the dining room and this lovely red bag. 

It was love at first sight. It made me want to come home and clean out my collection of superfluous purses because they would all lose their luster next to this red leather drop of perfection. It has the perfect number of pockets, the perfect depth for a magazine (or small business tax permit forms, as was the case today), and the perfect built in organizational systems. This is a serious relationship we got going on right now. 

Also I felt like wearing houndstooth and velvet together today to the office, so that's fun.

Clearly faces are not important to me... oh well. You know what I look like anyway.



  1. I love how you paired velvet and houndstooth unexpected in a great way! and that bag...IS AMAZING!

    Happy weekend :)


  2. Every weekend I want to go garage sailing, and every weekend I sleep in. But bags like that might just have me setting the alarm!


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