Friday, May 4, 2012

have courage

This is my Angel of Courage. It was a gift from my 7th grade math teacher when I was preparing to move midway through the year to a new school. I've always kept it with me, ever since. It is one of the only purely decorative items that keeps making the cut to come to college each year, and it always sits right on my desk where I can see it, even now.

Moving at 12 is hard for a kid, but it made me stronger. Courage is really about doing what your afraid to do because you know you need to. It has nothing to do with the fear you feel, only the way you act. 

Moving at 21 is plenty scary, and I still need to have courage. I need to walk into all these job interviews (two today!), learn to drive in crazy traffic, and try to follow God's will for my life with courage, even when I don't know what is going to happen. I have felt the fear, but I have not been mastered by it. 

So once again, here is my re-commitment to being courageous--in the big, and in the small.
Favor the brave. Do what makes you stronger, and don't give up.


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