Thursday, April 12, 2012

On My Own

John is in Boston for the week at an educator conference and so this is my first solo week in Tulsa. Also, his mom is in Austria for the month so it's REALLY a solo week for me. So between cat care and comic book errands, I've managed to carve out some "settling in time" to find a doctor, manicurist, hair stylist, and day spa. Nothing makes a place feel like home like knowing who "I go to."

Haircut pictures coming soon! Nothing drastic, put it's fun for me anyway.
Thrifted: skirt, shirt, shoes, belt; Cardigan and Tights: Penny's (Ireland)

I know I just wore this skirt not that long ago on the blog, but I'm in love with it, so that makes it okay.

I swear I am happier than I look in this picture, but I am anxiously awaiting John's return tomorrow!



  1. John is in Boston?! Go to Boston with him and see meeeee! xo Theresa

  2. Let me tell you girl, I wanted to!! Miss you bunches!

  3. Looks like I'll just have to come to Tulsa!

  4. love that shirt! :) great outfit.

    xo jeanette


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