Saturday, February 4, 2012

Does This Work?

Something about having a day job makes me second guess my clothing choices. And my first Saturday of work was no exception. I realized I have no idea what the Saturday training dress code is. So this is the most anything outfit I could create. Anything other people were wearing, my goal was to fit in. And I threw some colorblocking in there for good measure.

Apparently there was something off to the right when I took these pictures. 
Who knows. 7:30am was awhile ago.

Thrifted: leggings, dress (Kensie), belt, cardigan (Loft), Boots: Payless

Off to an 80s Prom themed charity auction. Wait with baited breath for those pictures, alright?



  1. This definitely works! I kind of like "off to the right" pic :) 80s Prom themed charity auction?! OMG, OMG, please post pics ASAP!

  2. I think it definitely works! PS I love anything 80s themed! You will have so much fun!

  3. I hate when I don't know what to wear. You look cute, though. And I can't wait to see your 80s prom photos! That sounds REALLY fun!


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