Wednesday, August 21, 2013

be a little brave

Today I rode my bike to work, and for me, that's brave.

I only live about 15 blocks from my shop, but I was wearing a dress (with shorts underneath! Always!) and carrying a super heavy backpack, so the 15 blocks were plenty long. When I made it to work I felt like I have really accomplished something.

Then later on this morning a sweet girl came in to the shop to buy her sister a present. This sister, she told me, was constantly trying to conquer her fears and she did that by repeatedly skydiving, despite the fact she hates both heights and falling. When the girl checked out she had finally decided to get her sister a set of three charms that featured Thor and the two words: Jump now. 

Fitting, right?

So what's that little thing that needs some bravery to conquer? Whether it's biking to work or sky diving, showing off some white Irish legs or facing an upcoming presentation, be a little brave and jump now. Conquering fear is always worth it.

1 comment:

  1. That dress is so gorgeous! Hope that the shop is going well!




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