Tuesday, October 16, 2012

i'll always chose you

One of the things that makes me most sad about the world today is the prevailingly negative attitude towards marriage, especially the idea that marriage doesn't "work." As a newlywed of only four months I know that I don't have much credence with the general public regarding marriage, but I think I do understand what marriage really is, and I can say with a good amount of certainty that whether or not marriage works isn't really up to marriage, bless her little abused heart. It's up to the people who are married.

 Marriage is a commitment. It's saying, this is the person I want to do the dishes with, the person I want to come home to, the person I want to encourage and dream with, the person I will sacrifice for, but most of all, the person I will commit to, come what may. 

Everyone has heard that love is a feeling, but marriage is a choice. And when you get married you're saying I'll always chose you. 

So, John, my dear, I love you, but more importantly, I'll always chose you. 
And that's how I can know that we'll be just fine.



  1. I like the saying, Happy marriages begin when we marry the one we love and last when we love the one we married. It is a choice, sometimes an easy one and sometimes hard but it's always the best choice!
    You guys are adorable together by the way :)

    Claire @gypsyslowdown.blogspot.com

  2. adorable couple - congratulations on your recent wedding. choosing a partner for life is a big decision, but working to make marriage work is a lot of work. i'm so happy for you that you found your true love!

    xox P


  3. I really like this post. Great message for our times, when so many people think everything is disposable. You two make such a cute couple! :)


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